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Our team are united in the belief that safety and well being should be integral to any operation and act as a key part of the overall business goals and objectives. It should not be a bolt on or a burden but should instead be seen as a vital part of overall operations that can have a positive impact in all areas of the business.

With a track record of safety and operational excellence across industry our team are perfectly positioned to provide input, advice, leadership and training that will not only achieve compliance but will add value to other key business drivers.


We are passionate about helping organisations to achieve exceptional standards in safety and well being. When you choose our team you will benefit from access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from leaders in their field. Click below to  discuss your specific requirements and discuss how we can help to fulfil your safety and well being needs.

At Hedges Safety & Wellbeing, the team are incredibly passionate about delivering a first-class service. We do not believe in an off the shelf approach to Safety and Wellbeing services and genuinely believe we never work for a client, instead, we work with them

The team is led by Tony and Andy Hedges, who have held senior positions within the profession, both in the UK and internationally. Their experience ranges from leading mega construction projects and programmes, managing safety in manufacturing and high risk processing plants, safety within facilities management organisations along with providing training and consultancy for multinational organisations.

We believe that when it comes to safety, there is no such thing as second best and no such thing as a one size fits all approach. That’s why we are proud to offer world-class tailored safety consultancy and training across a variety of industries. Drawing on decades of experience in the UK and internationally we help clients to lead the way in responsible and compliant operations.
We offer a performance-driven approach that is designed not just to ensure compliance but also to fit organisational objectives in order to deliver long term, sustainable results.
We firmly believe that excellence in safety is achieved through a combination of exceptional leadership, timely, accurate advice and through expertly delivered training and mentorship. Our approach to safety and wellbeing is based on the core values of communication and respect, strengthening teams and enabling organisations to achieve the very best in performance.
Our vast range of experience and global expertise means that we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the very best in tailored safety and compliance consultancy and training for organisations both domestically and overseas.

At the heart of our philosophy is our belief that safety and wellbeing should be an area of continuous improvement and development. With this in mind, we embrace the principles of mentorship and pride ourselves on establishing long term relationships with our clients that reach beyond the training room, helping managers and practitioners to grow with their organisations.


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