In a perfect world, workplace accidents would never happen....

When things don’t go according to plan, it is essential to understand what went wrong and to learn the lessons that will help to ensure that the risk of such accidents occurring in the future is reduced or eliminated.

Regardless of the seriousness of an accident, there are several legal reasons why an investigation is required. This includes ensuring that workplace procedures and operations comply with health and safety law, identifying steps to prevent recurrence and building a defence against any subsequent legal action.

Gaining comprehensive insight into the circumstances leading up to an accident is essential to protect the health and well being of your people, as well as to ensure that financial interests of the organisation are protected.

Expert independent accident investigation allows both management and stakeholders to be sure that both the investigation into the accident itself and subsequent recommendations for future prevention are transparent, impartial and credible.

Here at Hedges Safety and Wellbeing our team have been at the forefront of major accident investigations and are perfectly placed to share the skills and experience they  have gained. Personally the team feel strongly that when serious accidents  do happen the very least we owe the people who have suffered is to share and use the overall experience so that others may not have to go through the same pain.

We provide a reliable and trustworthy independent accident investigation service that is designed to protect your organisation’s best interests and meet your legal requirements, based on a methodical and systematic process comprised of the following key stages:

  • Information gathering: Ensuring that information is gathered from every possible source.
  • Information Analysis: Analysing and interpreting all of the information available.
  • Identifying Preventative Measures: Identifying what steps can be taken to control risk through reduction or elimination.
  • Creating an action plan: Developing and implementing an action plan.

Additionally we can train your team so that they can become competent in carrying out thorough and compliant investigations, just contact us and ask for more details and we will be happy to work with you to design training that is specifically suited to your needs.


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