Risk assessment, done properly, forms the bedrock upon which effective controls, precautions and interventions can be built.

Over the years the production of a risk assessment has become, for many, a box ticking exercise and as a result the quality and usefulness has been negatively affected.

At Hedges Safety and Wellbeing we pride ourselves on never ‘doing’ risk assessments for a client and simply handing them over. As a team of experienced professionals we know that this is wrong and goes against best practice and will not result in a suitable and sufficient product and what’s best for your business.

We strongly believe in improving your competence so that genuine, good quality, location and task specific risk assessments can be undertaken. Based on our high level of in house competence and experience we will train your teams to undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessments.

We also provide expert review services for risk assessments, where we will provide a full critique beginning with a desktop review which raises questions and queries.

This is then followed up by a field visit with the colleagues carrying out the task. Not only does this highlight areas for improvement it garners a sense of ownership amongst teams as opposed to simply providing them with a document that has been produced at a desk and hasn’t utilised their experience and expertise.

We have worked with several major clients on improving their risk assessments and each time this process has acted as a catalyst for other major improvements and focus within the business.

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