Although there are the rare few who are born as natural showmen and are naturals when it comes to delivering exceptional presentations and training experiences, this is not the case for most.

People have come to demand and expect a lot from presentations and training courses today, whether they are delivered in-house or by third-party experts and if you are providing training for an external client, the stakes are much higher. Anybody who is willing to invest in their personal development is able to become an accomplished presenter and trainer, and our Train the Trainer and Presentation Skills are designed to do exactly this.

Why choose Train the Trainer?

If you are responsible for training individuals or presenting to teams at any level of your organisation, you want to be able to provide a successful and engaging experience that truly benefits your audience and leaves you feeling that you have delivered your best.

Train the Trainer allows you to develop your existing skills and add new approaches and strategies to help you make the transformation from good trainer to an excellent trainer – and help trainees to get more out of their training too, improving the effectiveness of training and delivering better value to the organisation as a whole.

What does Train the Trainer involve?

Train the trainer looks at various components that contribute to a successful and effective training experience including:

  • Learning to read the situation and adapting your style and materials to suit it
  • Understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of organisations and individuals
  • Overcoming difficulties including both people and situations
  • Helping participants to overcome personal barriers
  • Making training dynamic, creative and engaging

As an expert trainer, you will be able to increase the levels of motivation and confidence among those you train, helping them to develop skills in a way that is stimulating, inspiring and empowering, enabling them to take away tangible skills that will bring immediate benefits to the wider organisation.

Why choose Presentation Skills?

Although presentation skills are of huge benefit to anybody involved in the delivery of training, they are also increasingly important for people at every level of an organisation, from supervisors and managers to senior executives. Presentation skills training is designed to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to deliver inspiring and engaging presentations that are effective and professional, whatever the situation.

What does Presentation Skills cover?

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the perfect presentation, there are certain key qualities and characteristics that make some presentations stand out over others, and luckily these can be learned and adopted by those who are willing to develop their skills.

Professional presentations can be broadly split into two key areas – Preparation and planning, which focuses on the behind the scenes skills that contribute to a successful presentation and presentation skills, which includes articulation, voice control, techniques for interacting with the audience and developing one’s own style.

With our Hedges Presentation Skills training, you will cover all of this and more. Whether you are new to giving presentations or have experience but wish to improve, the training will help you to become a confident, effective presenter and a valuable asset to your organisation.

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